Ridge Venting

Ridge vent is a vent that is installed at the point of the roof known as the ridge. We cut a 2 inch wide opening at the top of the roof and install this vent that has a mesh on the inner layer to deter insects and other small objects from entering your roof. After installing the ridge vent, a ridge cap is installed on top of the vent to finish off the nice plush look of your roof. This vent is intended to release heat out of the attic. It is normally used in high heat climate areas such as the midwest, however, is being used more frequently here in San Diego. Due to the fire ember resistance and high venting capacity throughout the complete roof system; we are also installing this vent system at cathedral ceiling areas where there is no attic space. This vent system vents the entire ridge roof line where other vents would not be effective.

Ridge vent


Ridge Vent