Here is an example of what TR Construction’s Roofing Division can do for you. While other roofing companies would not be interested nor have the level of expertise to do this type of work; we have journeyman roofers and carpenters to install R-30 insulation in between your rafters. Some of you may have a cathedral type ceiling where there is not a functional attic space to access for additional insulation. We can tear off your old roof, pop and remove all the plywood and install the required R-30 insulation in the rafters which will decrease your heating and cooling bills. While the roof is open, our licensed Electrician can install electrical ceiling fan boxes in your bedroom, living room, dining room, and all areas that were inaccessible before. Also, at this time there are tax incentives and rebates for those willing to support the green movement and give you that badly needed roof insulation and roof of your dreams.

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