Home Remodels

Bath and Kitchen Remodels

Is your bath or kitchen in need of face lift? Do you have family or relatives visiting or perhaps an upcoming party or event at your home? Don't wait until the last minute to only find that a quick clean up isn't good enough. Plan ahead and feel better about your home with a bath or kitchen makeover.

Room Additions/Space Reconfigurations

Have a new addition to your family or are in need of a home office. TR Construction can help you make the leap with a new room addition or reconfiguring a space to fit your needs.

Removing a Wall

Removing a wall can increase your home's value, update your home to a more open floor plan, let in more natural light, and make your home feel bigger.


Whether it's for increased insulation to save energy costs or an replacement or an upgrade, see what TR Construction can do for you.


New doors may be the option you are looking for to give your house a subtle facelift.

Special Needs Retrofits

If you need extra space or any type of retrofit, call us first to explore your options.


Bored of your exterior? Siding may be the answer. Please call us to schedule an appointment at your home with one of our remodeling professionals. We’re happy to provide free estimates for homeowners.

Aging in Place

Many people are deciding to stay in their homes as they get older instead of moving to assisted living. TR Construction can help you retrofit your home so that it is accessible and includes any necessary design modifications.


Call TR Construction today at (858) 537-6490 for a free estimate or questions you may have about your next home remodel.

Payment Plans

We take pride in providing excellent service at competitive prices, and we're happy to help you make a great investment in your home. We offer easy payment terms and accept all major credit cards. We only ask for deposits on projects totaling more than $15,000; if your job will be less than that, we won't ask for a dime until the work is completed.